Privacy Risks in the Digital Age

Pages: 3 (1263 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Privacy in Digital Age
The Risk of Digital Age
Indeed, the Digital age has been considered as one of the greatest development of the world today. It has brought different benefits to the lives of people and catered all their needs and wants. As the world gets into crave for things that are “quick and easy”, the Digital Age had posed threat to people’s privacy and security (Meeks, 2000). The advancement in new technologies and gadgets should not only be considered as something good that came into people’s lives but also danger in the privacy of their personal information. Loss of privacy is the most inevitable risk that these technologies have brought to mankind. Every now and then, as people post in their status in Facebook, twit things on Twitter, sends emails to friends and blog facts on their pages, the risk of the digital world is in front of their houses, waiting for their doors to open and hacks into their personal lives and property. This thing can likely to be compared to a professional thief, who had planned long for its victims. Every bits of information given away to the web has been automatically rendered as property of the Digital world. Whatever is in there can never be taken back; it stays there, often forever (Kalbach & Leous, 2012). The Digital Age had used the advanced technologies to lure people to its hidden traps. According to Brock Meeks (2000), technologies had fed the people with “fast food” mentality and turned them into speed freaks. It has lured and seduced the people with discounts (Meeks, 2000). With little bits of personal information, an instant discount will be given to anyone. This has been Meeks’ argument over the strategy that the Digital world had done to intrude people’s lives. Discounts were just simple examples of how Digital Age has posed threat to the world (Meeks, 2000). What about the more extensive ways it does just to veer towards personal lives of people? Definitely, there would be more complicated actions it...

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