Prisons and Jails

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Prisons and Jails
Jordyn Elby
University of Phoenix

The criminal justice system in itself is wide and covers many aspects. The most important part of those aspects is the jails and prisons around the nation. These are the places that are going to separate those who offend away from the community and keep our community overall pretty safe. Even though there is a funnel system within the criminal justice system, it should be noted that jails and prisons are still overcrowded. Due to the overcrowding those within the criminal justice system had to find a place for those who are first time offenders and those who behave well in jail. Probation and parole are another very important aspect of the criminal justice system.

Prisons and Jails In the United States there are 1.6 million people that are incarcerated in the 128, 195 prisons (“By the Numbers: The U.S.’s Growing For-Profit Detention Industry,” 2012). According to “By the Numbers: The U.S.’s Growing For-Profit Detention Industry” (2012) in May of 2012 there were 217,690 federal inmates in which 27,970 of those inmates were incarcerated in private facilities. There are different types of prisons that are designed to house certain types of inmates. Due to the overcrowding in jails and prisons, the criminal justice system has created other alternatives for those who have offended. In the United States there are mainly four types of prisons. There is juvenile, minimum, medium, and high security prisons ("Types Of Prisons", 2008). The juvenile prison would be more commonly known as a juvenile detention center. A juvenile detention center houses inmates who are 18 and under. Any inmate who is not of age in most circumstances is not housed with the adult inmates. The minimum security prison houses those inmates who have committed crimes that would be considered white collar crimes (“Types of

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