Principles Of Management

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In this chapter the researcher has made an attempt to review the relevant literature pertaining to the study of food processing Industry.
Referring to the food processing industry many scholars have considered the field of organizational practice as of having greater significance. The food processing industry in India over the 50 years of planned development has made dynamic progress, both in terms of number of units and combination to the total food production.

With the development of the food processing industry, a number of problems arose from time to time, which were mainly concerned with the management and government policies, labour and by-products,

For the healthy development of the food processing industry various government committees, experts, researchers, agricultural colleges, universities, research institutions has contributed by publishing their reports, findings, recommendations, after studying the problems and various aspects of food processing industry, which are reviewed as follows.

1. Dr. Amiya Kumar Behera, in his Report on APO Multi-Country Study Mission on Rural-Based Food Processing Industry has reported that poverty and unemployment in the rural areas are the two most important challenges India faces. In spite of all the industrial development in the country, agriculture still maintains about 70 percent of the population of the country. It is in the rural areas again where 75 percent of the population of the country lives and they will continue to constitute at least two-thirds of labor force. It is imperative therefore that the rural economy is improved, so the burden of poverty can be lessened and the working population overflowing from the villages can be absorbed in off-farm activities. The rural economy cannot be developed fully by improving only the productivity of agriculture, although this will go a long way in improving the rural economy; however, rural industries, subsidiary activity and food processing industry in particular, are of great importance for a rapid transformation of the rural economy, in India. The economic status of this population can also be improved by increasing non-farm activities, particularly rural food processing industries. 2. Hans Megens in his article published in Indian Express, points out that India's potential in food and agriculture is underestimated and opines that corporate can be helpful in wasteland development in India. In some cases, the country

will benefit by encouraging private sector firms to become primary producers as well. India has over 100 million hectares of uncultivated and degraded wastelands which is not generating any benefit either to the rural population or the country as a whole. Large tracks of such land can be converted into productive cultivable land by an infusion of capital and sophisticated technology to tap deep aquifers, install drip irrigation facilities and in some cases green houses. The cost and technical input required to develop these lands may be far beyond the means of small farmers in the area, but can be undertaken by agri-business corporations. In order to reach the increased goals of food production, reduction of waste, more value added production and increased exports, enormous investments will be necessary throughout the whole food & agro-chain. There is ample opportunity to raise the level of processing if the necessary investments are made not only in processing facilities themselves but also in the supply chain through which these products have to be delivered at the gate of the processing facility. Investments in the infrastructure and logistics systems are extremely necessary for that purpose. 3. Gregory Orriss, "India will benefit more by staying in WTO than by keeping out", FAO consultant in India Gregory Orriss has extensive management & quality assurance experience in various sectors of the food industry. He is a...
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