Principles and Articles of the U.S. Constitution

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LaTonya Rule
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March 7, 2012

Principles and Articles of the U.S. Constitution

Part I:

Chart outlining primary principles of| |
Self-government| Self-government is a democracy and simply means that the government is for the people and by the people. As citizens we have the right to vote for our leaders and with our leaders on important issues within our community and country.| Separation of Powers| The primary principle is to ensure that no one branch of government can have an unequal amount of authority and be allowed to throw off the balance of the democracy. Because there are 3 branches none of them can hold all the power over the other and each one is monitored by another.| Checks and Balances| Its primary principle is to monitor the 3 branches (legislative, executive, judicial) and each branch checks what the other branch does and in doing so balances the system so that no one branch is superior over the other. Each branch has an effect on the other. For example*Legislative Branch-makes a law*Executive Branch-executes the law*Judicial Branch-interprets the law|

When one speaks of checks and balances in government you must understand what is really being asked. It is simply a system set up of the three branches of government that can either amend or veto an act of another branch as to prevent any one branch from having too much power over the other. Is this system effective? Over time, the Constitution has been interpreted and amended to adapt to changing circumstances, and the powers exercised by the federal government have changed with it. For instance because the federal government can influence the states it has the right to withhold federal funds from the states that do not want to go along with their plans whatever they maybe. Because the government can only exercise those powers specifically granted by Constitution, it is important to...

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