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Description Of Business
The type of business I am involved in is a health bakery. The name of the business is Twinboy’s Health Bakery. This type of business is a partnership business . Twinboy’s health bakery is targeting the regional market and is for both adults and kids especially those who like eating healthy. Our mission statement is to provide our customers with low calorie bread but very delicious that will satisfy the taste buds of their customers. This business is owned and operated by the Turton brothers Shaquan and Shakem Turton. They can be contacted by :Email - or via telephone 422-4522 Their opening hours are as follows : Monday – Thursday:8:30 to 6:00 Fridays – Saturdays : 8:00 to 9:00. Justification Of Location

Twinboy’s health bakery is located in Swan Street Bridgetown opposite KFC. We are located in the vicinity for three reasons for market pull, customers going from either Fairchild Street bus terminal or Princess Alice bus terminal and because there are a lot of tourist and human traffic in the area of Bridgetown.

Selection Of Appropriate Labour
We need an accountant who keeps track of daily transactions of money. We have 15 workers. We have five skilled workers, five semi skilled workers and five un-skilled workers. The skilled workers ate consisted of making and baking the bread. The semi skilled workers are consisted of providing and assisting you of the type and prices of the bread. The un-skilled works are consisted of washing the materials and cleaning the bakery (Janitors).

Source Of Fixed And Working Capital
Fixed capitals are machinery and other thins in the business that long life which are used over and over in the production of goods and services in a business. Fixed capital in this business are: Vans , the building, machinery and other equipments. The vans are used to deliver the goods(Bread) from the bakery for sales in and around in the island.

Role Of The Entrepreneur
Twinboy’s Health...
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