Princess Hijab Summary

Topics: Nicolas Sarkozy, Hijab, Saudi Arabia Pages: 3 (540 words) Published: February 24, 2015
Shawna Hallisey
Professor Knowles
English 101
6 February 2015
Summary On Aburawa Essay
Princess Hijab is a modern day guerrilla artist who has been bombing Paris billboards, and ads with the commonly known Muslim attire named a burqa. Many critics are often confused by the true message she is trying to make. Princess Hijab states that to be described as “artistic jihad”

While bloggers like Paul Schmelzer from Art21 see her art or graffiti as “right wing street art, surmising that her motivation is to cover the “shame of omnipresent (and often sexualized) ads” (Aburawa28) Other such as the site Infidel Bloggers “accused the artist of urging women to submit to the “tyranny of Islam” (Aburawa28) However, PH states that the views of others are not correct. She declares that she acts according to her own free will and is not in fact part of any movement wither it be political, religious or to do with advertisement.

Many of these critics also view her work similar to the group in Saudi Arabia known as the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. This group is known for policing the way woman are seen in magazines billboards, and other forms of press by blacking out bare skin that is shown in allowance with Sharia law.

Princess Hijabs art comes at an interesting time in Paris history because of the ongoing debate in the banning of burqas and head scarves in public places. President Nicolas Sarkozy states that “The burqa is not a religious symbol, it is a sign of the subjugation, of the submission of women.

PH begs to differ with critics views of her work. She feels as though her work “supports right wing radicalism” and is using the hijabs for herself. She states that the changing of the ads is to reaffirm the “physical and mental integrity” against her war on what she says is “visual terrorism” and is quoted by saying “ My work explores how something as intimate as the human body has become as distant as a message for your...

Cited: Aburawa, Arwa. “Veiled Threat: The Guerrilla Graffiti of Princess Hijab”
Emerging second edition 2013
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