Primary Source Exercise 1

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Primary Source Exercise 1
Western Texas College
Dr. Clifton

1.) Type of Document: Book
2.) Name of Document: A Character of the Province of Maryland
3.) Date of Document: 1666
4.) Which of the following best describes the author’s attitude toward indentured servitude?
B. It is necessary for government stability and it offers many benefits to the person of servitude.
5.) T or F. In general, the author feels that an indentured servant will have a good life in Maryland. TRUE
6.) According to the author, the length of servitude(being a servant) may last? C. 4 Years
7.) What does the servant receive from his master once his contract has expired? E. All of the above
8.) T or F. According to the author, most indentured servants work many hours out in the cold during the winter months. FALSE
9.) Which of the following best describes the author’s attitude toward women serving as indentured servitude in Maryland? D. none of the above
10.) T or F. The author believes that it is better to be a servant in Maryland than in most parts of the world. TRUE

1.) AUTHOR: The author, George Alsop, spent time as an indentured servant. Alsop, according to this document was favorable to the idea of servitude, giving many examples why. He states in theis article that the four years he served as a servant were not as hellish as two years of apprenticeship in England. He viewed servitude, not as slavery, but as a way some can make a better life for themselves.
2.) AUDIENCE: One possible target audience would be those contemplating becoming servants. Alsop gives his opinions, from experience, why servitude is beneficial, if not necessary for a government to function. He also feels without service, some, if not most would not survive. Another possible audience could be those opposed to indentured service, stating that the idea that servants are sold in open markets as slaves is untrue. He continues by

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