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ADMN 233
Assignment 2 Template

Assignment 2 Instructions

Assignment 2 is worth 15% of your final mark. It should be completed and submitted after you finish Chapter 7 in your textbook. This assignment is divided into three parts, corresponding to the 3-x-3 writing process described in Unit 2 (Chapters 5 to 7) of your textbook. You will complete three activities in each part of this assignment. Part 1: Prewriting (30 marks)

Activity A – Analyze a task
Activity B – Anticipate an audience’s needs
Activity C – Adapt your message to your audience and its needs

Part 2: Writing (30 marks)
Activity A – Research a topic and generate ideas
Activity B – Organize ideas into a coherent text structure Activity C – Compose a first draft

Part 3: Revising (40 marks)
Activity A – Evaluate a text
Activity B – Organize a text
Activity C – Revise a text

General Instructions

The writing tasks you will complete in this assignment are based on real-world scenarios that describe a variety of situations. 1. Read every activity and scenario carefully in order to understand the problems that the characters encounter and the actions that they take. 2. Complete all three activities for each part in sequence. 3. Limit your answers to a maximum of one sentence per mark, unless otherwise instructed. For example, if a question is worth three marks, ensure that you write three complete sentences. 4. Decide what information is important for your reader to know and what is not. You may need to invent additional facts that you consider important to communicate to your reader. 5. Reorganize this information to communicate it to a reader in a clearer and more efficient way. 6. Integrate the lessons you have learned as you complete this assignment. Review the following pages in the Welcome and Orientation section of this course Web site before you complete this assignment: Marking Guide

Questions of Style
Applying the 3-x-3 Writing Process


Plagiarism is submitting or presenting someone else's work as your own. It includes copying words from an assignment you wrote in this course into a new assignment; copying your instructor’s comments and presenting them as your own; and copying headings, outlines, sentences, paragraphs, tables, and graphics without permission or citation.

Plagiarizing someone else's writing is not allowed at Athabasca University. For information about plagiarism and intellectual honesty, consult the following page from the Athabasca University Calendar:

ADMN 233 markers use anti-plagiarism software. The consequences for plagiarism and academic misconduct are severe. If you are caught plagiarizing someone else’s text, you will obtain a zero on this assignment. A letter describing this offence will be appended to your student record. You risk being suspended or expelled from Athabasca University.

Part 1Prewriting (Questions 1 to 11)30 marks
Refer as needed to material in Chapter 5 of your textbook. Read the instructions for each activity. Answer all questions clearly and concisely. If possible, include examples to highlight your comments.

Activity A – Analyze a task
1. What is David’s primary purpose in sending a message to his reader? (Refer to page 95 in your textbook.) Support your answer with an explanation. (2/2 marks) Davis’s primary purpose in sending a message to his reader is to inform them of the company’s decision regarding the warranty of the car. This information will be useful to know how to proceed with the claim.

2. What is the secondary purpose of David’s message? (Refer to pages 95 and 96 in your textbook.) Support your answer with an explanation. (2/2 marks) David’s secondary purpose in sending a message is to promote goodwill and fairness among all customers. Even though David has to communicate a negative message, Hybrid Cars Canada wants to look good and fair in the eyes if its...
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