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Nicole Griffin
April 5, 2015
Elise Merenda
The targeted population that I chose to write about is the homeless. With over 4,000 people dealing with homelessness in Connecticut, the majority of these people facing this problem have some sort of mental illness, physical disabilities, or dealing with a form of substance abuse problem ("Partnership for Strong Communities", 2015).  A lot of this problem stems from the people being released prematurely from mental hospitals putting them at a higher risk because they have not been equipped with the right skills to live on their own or provide themselves with basic human needs. Even with some programs in place to help this specific group of people, without the proper guidance they are still not getting the help that is needed.

The prevention strategy that I feel will help to address this ever growing issue would have to be both the primary and tertiary preventions. I say this because by first addressing the problem with the primary prevention method even though we may not be able to prevent the mental issues. What we can do is put in place programs that will help to give this population the tools and lessons to be better able to support themselves. Those that dealing with substance or alcohol abuse issues will benefit from these programs as well. With programs in place to help with job placement and support systems they will be less likely to end up with depression, which will end up being another problem in its self. According to University of Phoenix Prevention in Human Services (),

The tertiary prevention method would be another level of prevention that I would incorporate with this group. I feel that by using the tertiary level of prevention this is a way to help those who are dealing with mental illness and other problems to get back in to their communities and become productive members of society. By using this level human services worker should be able point these people in the right direction so that they can get the help and services that are needed. The tertiary level should be able to provide this targeted population with referrals for drug and alcohol treatment, outpatient programs to assist those with mental and physical issues to make the adjust back in to the community easier.

The biggest obstacles that I see with trying to put these strategies is place would first be funding. Just driving through my own neighborhood I see a significant amount of mentally ill homeless individuals and it saddens me to think that they city would much rather see them in jail or prison than to just use the money to put the prevention methods in place. I would like to see more homeless shelter opening or transitional housing to provide them with the life skills needed. By opening more of facilities like these it would make it easier for these people to get assistance from the state or possibly be in a position to obtain some form of employment.

Social and government policies are playing a big role in making some of these things happen and are putting huge restraints on the way the Human Services Workers are allowed to be able to help. For the majority of the people who are homeless and are facing mental illness problems they cannot even get access to getting help because they are not meeting the qualifications to even apply for these services. One thing that I as a future Human Services Worker would like to see implemented to better help these people would first to be to address the housing issue. I would like to see this done before the person has a chance to even end up homeless. By putting these programs in place while the person is in a facility or institution gives them a head start and will help to better assist them with transitioning back in to the community.

I feel as though the big picture is not being completely looked at. Yes this facilities and hospitals are in place to help the mental illness issues, but by not...

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University of Phoenix.(). Prevention in Human Services. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix, HSM/210.
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