Topics: Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Negotiation, Anger Pages: 4 (1181 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Twin Lakes Mining Company Journal

* Twin Lake mining Company, I represented the city of Tamarack in Minnesota. * There is serious problem between a city of Tamarack and the Twin Mining Company about few issues: Water, Air, Road conditions and taxes. * My Goal was to convince Twin Lake mining company to contribute with the city in all the government mandated clean ups and convince them that they need to follow this measure in order to stay open in the city of Tamarack. * I was concerned with Twin Lake mining company`s BATNA, I did not know what was their Best alternative to a negotiated agreement. I didn`t also know how much was their budget nor their resistance point. * Because I negotiated in the past with Erika and Christine separately, I had an Idea to what was their usual strategies, We decided Denise and I, to play the numbers games. This exercises had a lot of numbers to consider so we used that in our advantage. Knowing that Erika likes to control the conversation and lead. Christine is more attentive to details, so we started throwing numbers all over the place and jump from an issue to another to add more to their confusion. * Erika and Christine who both dealt with me in the past, were well aware of how is my negotiation tactic, they walked in assuming that it`s gone be the exact same one, they started by attacking me, which I was not expecting but at the same time gave me the opportunity to improvise. I changed my tactic to play them at their own game, so I completely changed my game plan. Switching from the aggressive distributive negotiator to a docile commonality seeking partner, I absorbed their anger and confused them by showing them how much the City of Tamarack needed them and that whatever help they will do is for us to function in partnership. They were so...
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