Negotiation Strategy Situation Canada vs America & Chile & America

Topics: Negotiation, United States, International trade Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: June 24, 2011
Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis
Brandon Espinoza
June 17, 2011
Professor Charles Parker

Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis
The best alternative to a negotiated agreement is what every organization needs to fulfill their wants and needs. This is an advantage because they clench a clear target to which they can match any assigned agreement. The two articles discussed within this paper state two alternative negotiation situations that are compared to my current work setting. The first article involves a United States company named Kennecott during the 1960’s in hopes of a contract renegotiation with the Chilean government. The second case discusses the free trade agreement between Canada and the U.S in 1987. Both cases will reflect a comparison to my personal work setting negotiation agreement as an internet marketing consultant. During the 1960’s a United States company named Kennecott was beginning to move into renegotiation agreements regarding the contract with the Chilean government concerning the “El Teniente” copper mine. In this moment Chile’s best alternative to negotiated agreement seemed overpoweringly resilient. The government was infatuated of a resilient pro authority position towards foreign organizations of its natural properties. The Chilean government had the option of establishing their own strict financial terms or the possibility of decreasing to renegotiate by merely discharging Kennecott from their association completely by seizing the mine. Chile had its own experts to sustain its useful natural resources. Realizing their best alternative to negotiated agreement was fragile; Kennecott officials brainstormed a very innovative solution that eventually destabilized Chile’s standing while influencing their own BATNA more positively by producing value for each organization. Here is a short summary of the negotiation situation between Kennecott and Chile. The contract entailed Kennecott proposing to sell a bulk of...

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