Presidential Speech

Topics: United States, E pluribus unum, The People's Party Pages: 4 (947 words) Published: April 16, 2005
My fellow Americans........

I come before you tonight not to bury the current U.S. in insults and criticism, but to raise her high like the precious gift of the statue of liberty that was given to this country from France out fo pure thankfulness and respect.

I am not concern with what America is today my true focus is what America is so eager to become.

That is why I stand before with sincerity and honesty in my heart and a burning, determined desire to make America once again "the country that sits upon a hill", and the epitome of a strong united nation that stands E Pluribus Unum.

Thank you , all of you, for taking time out of your busy schedules to lend an ear to my Presidential Speech on this beautiful night of February 22, 2005.

I was born to a loving family, but in a dangerous environment in Charleston, S.C. In a single parent I was reared and I learned a lot about struggle and literally learned how to make a dollar out of 15 cent. Though it was hard my mother instilled this determination that I am able to share with you all on this night. She became my brother and I driving force and never settle for less. As a young child I sat and realized that an insignificant child like myself could one day make a difference in this united nation.

The few years between my father's incarceration and my mother and his separation he did teach me a lot of meaningful values of life. He insured me that having great character can carry you farther in life than any amount of money or anything materialistic value. He instilled in me that being a people's person would always make your life easier in anything you do even in an a Presidential Election. So, right that second my political siding was chosen without me even knowing. The principles of the West Wing was instilled in me a that age of 7 years old. I was practically raised as a politician of the People's Party because that was the party that benefitted me and all you who stand here today....
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