President Coolidge Ambition

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When reading President Coolidge’s autobiography, I was fascinated by his constant calmness and his love of learning. He kept a level head even in stressful situations, he didn’t strive for glory, and the people he was closest to developed him into the great man he was. I feel as if I can relate to President Coolidge in many ways. I am not a flamboyant person, I don’t want the spotlight nor do I really care for it, I like being the person behind the scenes. I believe President Coolidge was this person, but he wasn’t cold or uncaring, he always had an open-mind and respected the views of his predecessors. He, just so happen, to have the opportunity to hold the highest office in our nation. He worked hard and he was recognized, eventually, for his work which led him to the Oval office. I want to …show more content…
He worked hard, and he remained true to this phrase, “One of the greatest mysteries in the world is the success that lies in conscientious work.” (Coolidge) One of the reasons for his ambition was to impress his father. He wanted to become a proud man like his father was, and this was the fuel that lead him to the presidency. I don’t believe I possess ambition in the same way he did, but my ambition lies on proving to my family that I can become something great. I don’t want to outdo my family, but I guess I want them to be proud of my own successes. I want to prove to them that, yes, I went to college, yes, I graduated, and yes, I will go into a career that is not only successful but is something that I will enjoy doing. I’m not sure if President Coolidge loved his job, he often described it as “stressful”, but he never left it. He could have continued as a lawyer, but the fact that he stayed in politics is enough proof that he had a passion for it, or at least developed it along the way. I hope to grow the same way he did, and eventually learn to grow a passion for my future field of

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