Present Situaion of India

Topics: Indian National Congress, Economic development, Indira Gandhi Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: February 3, 2012
Ever since Nehru’s period ended, although Indira Gandhi tried to usher in the continuance of non-alignment and indigenous (Swadeshi) developments, corruption in Congress party and within all government systems created unprecedented problems, resulting in various upsurge (including the so-called JP movement). Slowly and steadily the deterioration in law and order as well as in balanced functioning of the democratic systems got jeopardized. From a “zero” dependence on the US for development we slowly began “looking” at the US for economic development model. And the matter took serious turn during Rajeev Gandhi’s period, and we are more or less 100% under the dictates of the US for almost everything, now. Thanks to the Ten year “slave-mentality” rule of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Today, we have no “independent” economic (and hence social) policies. Whether we are to have a Gas supply arrangement with Iran or other country is dictated by the US; our medical systems are directed by the US; our energy policies, Atomic Power policies, Science development, Education, Agriculture and almost everything … is dictated by what the US wants us to do! Even a local “movement” such as the recent Anna Hazare’ movement against corruption seems to be having some “push” from the US corridors of Power.

India now seems to be moving away from a totally independent strong democracy to a banana republic that looks at the US for everything happening here! We foolishly consider the so-called IT revolution (which seem to offer some “paper money” to some English educated youngsters of our nation) as economic development! Our entire Industry and Agriculture now depend on Multinational (mainly those of the US) corporations for upkeep, technology/ market. Our commodity prices are decided in the US (and other western nations); our raw materials (based in our land) prices are decided in US; our “Standards” are decided in the US; our education methods and qualities are...
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