Presence of Others Checkpoint

Topics: Efficacy, Clinical trial, Psychology Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: September 15, 2011
Check Point: Presence of Others

Identify behavioral changes that result from the presence of others. Why does the presence of others produce changes in our level of performance or awareness? Provide a personal example of behavior changes related to the presence of others.

I can easily identify with this subject; we all change to adjust to our surroundings be it at home or work, a bar or with friends and family. We never act the same in front of our parents as we do in front of our friends or boss as we do a co worker. Example at work everyday we have a meeting called treatment team, where we discuss any client based concerns and issues or the same for the overall facility that is either client or staff based. We also talk about billing, funding and ideas that need addressed. Most times we can breeze through the meeting and joke every so often and yes sometimes we get off task. When the division director comes in who is over everyone in that room the entire demeanor of the room changes and we finish very quickly. This is due in part to her not being very approachable unless she feels like it and hardly ever smiles unless she is dealing with an outside source. This is something that does not happen daily but at least twice a week and the difference is very noticeable in all of our attitudes. This prime example shows that we pay attention a lot closer when she is present, as more questions and apt to be more thorough than when she is not there, so our level of performance and awareness for what is being said and done goes up ten notches instead of side conversations taking place or people not paying attention over all. Another way to tell when someone changes is even when you are at home and friend or family stop by depending on whose family it is we tend to become more outspoken, lippy if you will or just present ourselves differently than we did prior to their arrival. This happens because depending on who comes over or into the office we sometimes feel...
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