Transition stages of a group

Topics: Abraham Maslow, Time, Goal Pages: 2 (1026 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Recognizing that change will be occurring noticing our reaction to it initiates the transition process. Some people recognize the need change earlier than others. We may see the signs and notice the handwriting on the wall well ahead of others. Other of us may not recognize or react until the change is imminent. In either case, when change is apparent to sometimes obvious, we all form a reaction to the pending change. There are three options. It can embrace the change, accept it somewhat passively, or reject it. The first reactions will lead to the planning stage. However, if we reject or disagree with the change, we can become temporarily stalled. It might question the need for the change, become angry about it, feel highly stressed by the thought of it, or in some cases, experience feelings of depression like losing a job or getting a divorce can be so intimidating that short term counseling may be needed to help with acceptance of change and to facilitate the planning process.

Before, we can continue the journey to the next adventure or change we will need to formulate a goal and action plan. If the change is about entering a new relationship, we often discuss with our partner the goals we have for the relationships, describe our expectations, or try to be clear in our own minds what it is we are looking for. If we are looking for a new relationship we may generate alternatives about how to meet new people. When anticipating a major move, we need to think about where we will live, what we need to take with us, and what need to be done before we can leave. The planning stage can help to minimize and diminish fears and concern about the unknown by identifying the concrete steps that will help us with the transition. Setting short term goals and envisioning the perfect scenario that could occur as a result of the change may help s to feel better about it. This is often the most difficult part of the...
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