Preparing for the Future

Topics: Extracurricular activity, High school Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Preparing for the Future
We have all memorized Mr. Nicholson’s annual speech telling us how important it is to focus in school. That focus will certainly help in preparing a competitive admission package as colleges look at many criteria when admitting students. The college application process takes into account your classes taken, the level of class difficulty, the grade awarded in the class, SAT scores, and very importantly, participation in extracurricular activities. As I listed out the positive and negative effects of extracurricular activities on students, the lists were the same length; however, the positives heavily outweighed the negatives.  Furthermore, most of the negatives can be avoided with careful planning.  Both the positive and negative effects of extracurricular activities on students will stay with them throughout their lives. These effects teach them many valuable skills.  Although extracurricular activities have the possibility for negative impact, it is actually true that those negatives can be avoided and more good comes from students’ involvement in such activities.                   Extra curricular activities provide students with many essential qualities.  However, there are some negative qualities that can cause a downfall for a student. Every student feels the pressures of school to do well, as well as the pressures to load their plate with as many activities as possible.  This overloaded schedule can cause grades to drop as students fall more and more behind. The added stress students feel of having to succeed at everything is enough for them to crumble under the pressure.  This poses the question, how much is too much?  Is it when you begin to be absent from family time, start falling asleep during school, or even flunk a class?  College is our future; therefore, we must start preparing from an early age for that higher level of schooling.  We stock up on AP classes, clubs, and sports all trying to outshine the thousands of...
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