Prepare and Maintain Learning Environments

Topics: Recycling, Waste, Environment Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: January 8, 2012
TDA 2.12
1.1 - Health and Safety - learning environments.
The school has a strict policy that describes the needs of keeping children safe within their learning environment. It is not only important that children are safe in school but also that they feel safe themselves – this creates a comfortable place to work. It is important that children are safe when playing outdoors therefore the main front gate is kept locked when children are in the playground and only the teacher on duty holds a key. Safety indoor is manned by the site manager who performs some daily checks and some weekly checks on the various equipment. The site manager’s job is to ensure that the school building is free from hazards and obstructions as this will prevent children from having any unnecessary accidents. It is the teacher’s responsibility and our responsibility to make sure that the classroom is free from hazards as there are many risks that could occur. There is a general classroom risk assessment updated every month in order to avoid accidents. 1.4

If using any safety equipment in my lessons, I would always ensure that this was properly set up and safe to use. I would test it myself by using the manufacturer’s guide, I would ask another member of staff if I still wasn’t sure. 2.4

As our school is ‘eco-friendly’, we have many different recycling wastes in progress. One of these is paper recycling where any waste paper including mistaken printing/photocopying can be reused. Another recycling operation we have is food waste, excess food from the school canteen and fruit cores and skins from the children is all put into a separate bin. Other recycling includes bottles, plastic and general waste. 3.2

The physical environment is constantly practiced as it is an on-going procedure within school. Maintenance of health and safety of the children is taken care of in many ways i.e. a child/ a group of children are never left on their own, gates are always locked around the school and...
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