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The Effects of Early Pregnancy towards the Living and the Health of the Mother and Her Child.

Purpose and Reason of the study:
It is important to study Early Pregnancy because the rate of teenage pregnancy in our country is increasing; mothers are becoming even younger and younger these days. According to the studies conducted by the World Bank, the Philippines are among the top 10 countries where there are an increasing number of teenage mothers. Seven out of 10 Filipina mothers are adolescents; most of them are below 19 years old. There are 3.6 million young mothers in the Philippines to date. Evidently, these figures translate to a higher incidence of abortion in the country. Every year, an estimated 64,000 Filipino youth commit abortion.
This study also intends to inform and to educate the teenage mothers and soon-to- be early mothers about the risk, the problem and the effects of being pregnant at an early age (below 19 years old). Most especially, towards the problem and the risk on the health of the Mother and her child, and the education and the future of the teenager parents and their baby.
Dr. Gloria Villena, Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital says that teenage pregnancy is risky because adolescents’ bodies are not yet fully developed; bearing another child inside of them is precarious to their health. Teenage pregnancy may lead to cervical cancer, anemia and difficulties in labor. Expectant mothers should also have enough knowledge about prenatal care. Mothers should approach a health care practitioner to discuss issues such as nutrition and physical activity, what to expect during the course of their pregnancy and fundamental skills for caring for their newborn baby. Most adolescent mothers neglect this important factor, causing complications for both her and the baby.

Aside from health, the education and the living of the teenager parents are also affected. Once the pregnancy is out in the open, the teenage mother will be forced not only to deal with her options, but also her future. Many teen girls still in high school are "encouraged" to drop out during the later stages of pregnancy because they may "influence" other girls to get into their position, or it sullies the reputation of the school. If they are in their final year or two this can mean that they never return, not wishing to be placed in a class with younger students now that their peers have moved on to college or employment. Without their high school diploma, employment options for more than minimum wage will be scarce, and so if they are raising the child themselves, they will be in an extremely low-income bracket and they will need the support of family and/or welfare. Getting out of this cycle is not so easy. Stressing the importance of maintaining their education and getting their high school has to be one of the priorities of anyone responsible for a pregnant teen. While there is a prevalence of pregnancy among teens, it is still intensely unaccepted by the society—especially the parents. Because of this reason, adolescent mothers-to-be are more prone to stress. They suffer both physical and emotional pains. Today’s teens are usually pregnant by accident rather than by desire. This means that there is a big difference in how the pregnancy is accepted by the teen's family. Many parents will be dismayed at their child's "mistake" and often are unsure of how to handle the situation.

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