Birth Control

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Contraceptives and Teenage Pregnancies

The number of teen pregnancies nowadays has become prevalent. Every year, more than 360,000 teen-aged girls who give birth in the United States, based on the statistics. There is a tendency that teen pregnancy that may increase the costs in terms of both social and economic of mother and children. Teenage mothers are less likely to receive proper prenatal care, and their children are more likely to be born before term, to have low birth weight, and to have developmental delays. Teenage mothers are less probably finish their studies.

Because teens are sexually active, they are encouraged to use contraceptives to prevent potential early pregnancy. Contraceptives are available in different forms. There are long-term and short term contraceptives; depending on what you think suits you best. The rate of teen pregnancy, birth and abortion has significantly decreased due to long-term contraceptive use, according to a large body of research. The continued decrease in the number of teen pregnancy is due to the increased use of the most effective contraceptive methods. Teenagers who use effective contraceptives have lower rates in terms of pregnancy, birth and abortion.

Intrauterine devices (IUDs), which include the brand name Mirena, are small, flexible, T-shaped devices, which are inserted into the uterus. It offers protection from pregnancy for five years and is believed to be more than 99 percent effective. The IUD is a hormone-containing device, which causes the uterus to be an unsuitable environment for the sperms. Ovulation is somewhat repressed due to the thinning of the uterine linings due to the hormones released. There are a number of women who chose IUD as their form of birth control, according to medical journals.

Due to Bayer’s obscure advertisement, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent the manufacturer with warning letter. The Mirena lawsuit at helps women discover more about...
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