Prayer Reinstated in School

Topics: United States Constitution, Bible, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Prayer needs to be reinstated back into schools

Allowing prayer back into our schools will help shape and mode the younger generations into mature ethical adults. Looking in the newspaper today will show you all sorts of immoral acts. It is my belief the foundation for creating an ethical or moral learning environment begins with knowing there is a higher power. This environment would help train children to be more ethical. Knowing someone is always watching goes a long way in deterring children from doing wrong. Better behavior is just one of the many benefits allowing prayer in school would accomplish. Along with better behavior daily prayer encourages structure, focus, and accountability.We will show you not only the benefits but argue how important prayer is for a nation and show how we lost our first amendments rights. In the year 1620 a group of brave souls traveled across an ocean for religious freedom that has shamelessly been taken away from this great nation that was built on the Love of God. Hearing the argument over the separation of state and church is ludicrous when you consider this nation was founded and nurtured with religion. The need of religious freedom was enough to inspire a people to embark on a journey that resulted in one of the greatest nations of our time. From Plymouth Rock to the United States we grew and prospered as a unit. In the beginning learning the Bible was a part of the daily curriculum and way of life. Through history you can see how important prayer was and how far we came while having it apart of our daily lives. Over the years you can see how God was watered down along with morals and discipline leaving us with a country full of immoral people who will stand for nothing but fall for everything. According to "School Prayer In America" (n.d.), “In 1948 the Supreme court used the "Separation of Church and State" argument to outlaw a time for school prayer. In 1962 the Supreme Court again declared that prayer in school...
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