Prayer and Rosa

Topics: Prayer, College, Rooms Pages: 2 (880 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Preface: This novella is intended for teenagers to illustrate the you must never lose sight of who you are and to seek God in everything you do. As humans we have the ability to influence each other and we should use this power to do good instead of bad. Rosa's friend use this power to lead her to against her ethical and moral values which is what people in society, the media and other sources are trying to do. But, we should be more like Rosa and realize that it is wrong and help them see it too. For sixteen year old, Rosa, her day couldn't start off without thanking God for the breath of life and everything he had done for her. She would then go to her living room where her family would gather and pray together every morning at six am. Rosa was a typical pastors child, raised in a very religious home with very high ethical and moral values. She was an active member of the church , part of the choir, attended bible study and the President of the church's youth group. Every Sunday Rosa would sit in the choir and listen attentively to her father preach about everything you could possibly think of and this made her very wise. She fasted, prayed and studied very hard, this made her one of the most intelligent students in her high school. "Like my dad always says God helps those who helps themselves" she told her friends with a smile as they questioned her intelligence. With the entire church praying for her and perpetual studying Rosa prepared for final exams. As expected, she excelled in her examinations and topped her school. She graduated with honors and a scholarship for the best college in the Caribbean. Rosa was more than excited to leave home and explore a new island as she studied. Though her parents were a bit worried about sending their youngest daughter off, they had no doubts since they knew it was best for her and they raised her the right way. When Rosa got to the college campus she was overwhelmed with joy and couldn't wait to see what the school...
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