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Today “Agricultural Marketing Co. Ltd (AMCL)” is the largest processors of agricultural marketing sector in Bangladesh. Their product is branded as “PRAN”. Now it is usually recognized to the consumers by “PRAN Group”.

The full meaning of PRAN is…
P = Programme for
R = Rural
A = Advancement
N = Nationally

“Agricultural Marketing Co. Ltd” was born in 15th May 1985. Keeping in view the corporate mission of the group they have over the years diversified their activities. It consisted as a “Private Limited Company” which is registered 1985 under the authority of Bangladesh government. They encourage contract farmers and help them to grow quality crops with increased yields and to obtain fair prices.

Basically Agricultural Marketing Com ltd. was setup in 1980 initially for farming and marketing of agricultural products for local and exports markets. The company was engaged in agronomic (Contact farming) business and cultivated many types of fruits and vegetables. Now the company processes the major fruits produced in Bangladesh like mango, pineapple, guava and several types of vegetables. The plant facilities include canning, pulping, juice making, bottling aseptic packing and also making jam, jelly, pickle, dehydrated fruits etc.

The company now solidly established in local market utilizing its available production capacity and facilities with an established brand name, reliable product quality, wide spread marketing and distribution network coupled with price competitiveness.

The company enlisted as Public limited company in 1993 and issued the share for publics on 22nd June, 1993. Their authorized capital was 500,000,000 Taka and paid up capital 80,000,000 and share price was 100 Taka each.

Vision of PRAN Group:

PRAN group contains realistic and practical vision. Their Vision is to reach out even to the remotest areas of Bangladesh and improve consumer satisfaction with quality products at an affordable price. So they will try to deliver their products in everywhere in the country. After fulfilling the domestic demand they will export their products to the foreign countries to spread their existing market and to earn high margin profit.

Mission of PRAN Group:

Poverty and hunger are curses.

Goal of PRAN Group:

The company’s main goal is to hold market leadership in their existing markets.

Objectives of PRAN Group:

They aim for a return on investment of at least 55%.Their aim also achieve market share of 65% of existing markets, to increase sales growth of 20% per annum with their existing products, to increase earning per by at least 5% every year.

Tactics of PRAN Group:

They will use their widespread distribution via our country supermarkets and UK, India and Middle East supermarkets to increase sales and existing products and introduce new products.

Aim of PRAN Group:

To generate employment and earn dignity and self respect for their competitors though profitable enterprises.

Organizational Structure:

The Group comprises of 14 firms. The head offices are located at Dhaka with production facilities around the country. Their management is modern adapted to their environment & culture. Their largest asset is their competent team of hands-on-mangers & dedicated employees. The management comprised of a group of senior and mid level experienced professionals like Chartered Accountant, Cost and Management accountant business graduates, Marketing, Finance and Human Recourse Management graduates etc, Engineers, pharmacist, chemist Lawyers and MBA having long experienced and qualification in the respective fields. Executive and junior officers with adequate experience and qualification in the respective functional areas assist the senior management team. PRAN has more than 5000 employees. PRAN Group has a strong sales and distribution forces. They have 1850 Sales Representative, 250 Zonal Manager, 38 regional Manager,...
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