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Homeschooling Might Not Be the Answer
Homeschooling can be a wonderful option for people looking for an alternative to traditional school. Homeschooling is a school in which parents teach their children an academic curriculum at home instead of sending them out to a public or private school.  However, homeschooling is not for everyone and it might not be the right choice in a number of circumstances. Homeschooling: Requires Time

Homeschooling requires time.  Homeschooling is a full time job, and if there is not an adult in the home that can dedicate full time to homeschooling, then homeschooling will be difficult to achieve.  Homeschooling becomes a lifestyle, not just an educational choice.   Of course, there is the possibility that two adults in the home could share homeschooling responsibilities and also maintain their jobs outside the home but it will require work and dedication. Homeschooling: Responsibility

Homeschooling is a large responsibility.  As the homeschooling parent/teacher, you are taking on the responsibility that is normally handed off to a teacher and an entire traditional education system.  As the parent/teacher you will be responsible not only for planning the lesson, but for teaching the course work, and grading the course work.  You will be responsible for keeping the academic records, and recording progress.  Homeschooling might not be for every family, or every child in every family.  However, if you have looked through the items mentioned and decided that they do not pose a problem for your family then homeschooling might be for you.  There are many positives to homeschooling, but each family should go into homeschooling knowing that it is still not considered mainstream, that there will be obstacles to overcome along the journey, and that it is not affected for everyone.  If you think you can overcome the obstacles listed, then go ahead and consider homeschooling.  It just might work for your family. THE ANALYSIS

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