Practice of Female Infanticide Across the World

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Infanticide is a Terminal Abortion Procedure
Infanticide has recently come to be regarded as a biologically significant phenomenon. The fact that infanticide is considered an abhorrent practice in our own society is only a part of the reason why researchers for so long failed to realize how widespread infanticide is in the natural world. Early field reports of infanticide say that it used to be happened among birds, langur monkeys and lions were sketchy. Different kind of propositions say that infanticide is a terminal abortion procedure that practiced when abortion attempts fail or when the decision to kill an infant is based on characteristics of the baby that can be observed only after birth. Three hypotheses were devised to test this assumption: (1) Infanticide takes place before the infant's birth ceremony; (2) Birth ceremonies are more prevalent in societies practicing infanticide; and (3) The reasons for infanticide and abortion are similar.

Hypothesis 2 was rejected because of the presence of birth ceremonies in almost all societies; hypotheses 1 and 3 were confirmed. “The infant’s life is a vulnerable thing and depends to a great extent on the mother’s good will”. – Nancy Scheper-Hughes (1992). In another extent we can also find Abortion is very popular social problem that happens. Female foeticide is a practice that involves the detection of the sex of the unborn baby in the womb of the mother and the decision to abort it if the sex of the child is detected as a girl. This could be done at the behest of the mother, or father, or both or under family pressure. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo, resulting in or caused by its death.[2] An abortion can occur spontaneously due to complications during pregnancy or can be induced, in humans and other species. Female infanticide has been a common practice in our country since centuries. Indian census has always shown a gendered imbalance. This marked gap between boys and girls, which has nationwide implications, is the result of decisions made at the most local level- the family. Sex selective abortion is a fairly recent phenomena but its root can be traced back to the age old practice of female infanticide. Here I am going to expound elaborately about the Female Infanticide that is the severe problem in India very recently Govt. of India with the help of some Non-Govt. Organisations found some prevent way for the infanticides. Definition:

Infanticide: the intentional killing of a newly or recently born baby. It has occurred in virtually every society. In some, infanticide is chosen because a male was preferred, or because it is less dangerous than abortion. In others, it was the desire to be free of deformed or unwanted babies and the fear of illegitimacy. Female infanticide is the practice of killing the female baby immediately after by resorting to such practices and techniques such as deliberate delay in feeding, non-feeding, less feeding, etc. “Women are burden to the Society”

The fundamental ethical objection traditionally advanced against these practices rests on the contention that human fetuses and infants have a right to life. Infanticide is generally is considered a symptom of fear in the society. Female infanticide is an indicator of women’s position in India. Women are considered a burden to the society due to several factors by the practicing community. The girl babies are killed because the condition of women existing in the society is so deplorable that a girl has to suffer from birth to death. Two different thought emerged, on the issue of female infanticide as a protest against their own suffering. The second school of thought, considered as a modern view, holds that the customs and traditions of the society are so rigid, the people are afraid of them and are in fear of advocating change. Different Views of Infanticides:

According to the traditional view female...

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