Ppr of English 9th Class

Topics: Q3, Q4, Cell Pages: 3 (511 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Summer Assignment 2012-13

Class: IX

Subject: English

Q1 After reading the story (How I taught my grandmother to read). You realize the anguish of the illiterate adults. You want to make your friends aware of it and contribute something in bringing about a change in the lives of the illiterate adults. Write a speech about the importance of adult education and ways to implement it.

Q2 Read any novel/ play of William Shakespeare and write a book review highlighting the qualities of the characters.

Q3 You are Malti Tikko, a student of Vikas High School. You have lost your sports bag in playground. Write a notice describing the bag and its contents. Give the other necessary details.

Q4 You have lost a watch that had been gifted to you by your grandparents. You are upset over this loss. Write a diary entry.

Q5 You are Harirka Dhawan working for IDBI bank. One of your clients,David Chips, has left his bag and camera in the bank. You wish to inform him to take the bag and camera at the earliest as the bank would close at 5 in the evening. Moreover if the belongings are not taken by him then, you would be compelled to hand them over to the police. Since you cannot contact over the phone write a message for David, which a peon from bank would deliver at his residence?

Subject: Social Science

1. Collect information on bioreserves, national parks and wild life sanctuaries focusing on the policy of conservation of endangered species.

2. Collect pictures, photographs to describe the special characteristics of each natural reserve.


Q.1: Explain any 6 characteristics of a computer.

Q.2: Write applications of computer in Education field.

Q.3: Write applications of computer in Communication field.

Q.4: Explain the input function of a computer.

Q.5: Explain the output function of a computer



Subject: Science


1. Draw/ paste the pictures of various types of objects in motion like...
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