Literature Circle Role

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 5 (1448 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Literature Circle Role
Name: Angelika Faith S. Gabiola Year & Section: III – Chlorine Literature Circle Name: Date: September 23,2012
Title of the book: The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Author: William Shakespeare Chapters/Pages: 5-119

Summarizer: Your job is to prepare a brief summary of today’s reading. Your group discussion will start with 1-2 minute statement that covers the key points, main highlights, and general idea of today’s reading assignment.

Characters and their Characteristics:
Major Characters: Minor Characters:
Hamlet- bitter, clever, brave, emotional Horatio- supportive Claudius- corrupt and falseFrancisco, Baranardo, Marcellus- curious, considerate Ophelia- innocent, lovable, weak Polonius- devoted Laertes- bold and rash

Key Points:
1. The late king died and appeared as a form of a ghost.
2. The ghost speaks only to Hamlet.
3. Hamlet wants to get revenge on his uncle for his father’s death. 4. Queen Gertrude married her brother in law, Claudius.
5. Polonius doesn’t like Hamlet for his daughter Ophelia.

At the Elsinore castle, in the dead of the night, Francisco, a soldier who is guarding, when he is relieved by Bernardo, an officer. Enters Barnardo and Horatio, friend of Hamlet who doubts that the castle is haunted by a ghost as the officers claim. The ghost appears Denmark’s former king and just as quickly vanishes. Horatio speculates as to the meaning of the ghost with respect to Denmark’s fate when the ghost reappears. Horatio tries to speak to it. The ghost remains silent, however, and disappears again just as the cock crows at the first hint of dawn. The three men inform Prince Hamlet of their strange encounter with the ghost.The morning after Horatio and the guardsmen see the ghost, King Claudius gives a speech to his courtiers, explaining his recent marriage to Gertrude, his brother’s widow and the mother of Prince Hamlet. Having discharged Cornelius and Voltemand, his couriers, on a diplomatic mission to Norway, King Claudius attends to domestic affairs; namely, giving Laertes, a youth Claudius is sympathetic to, his blessing and permission to leave for France and persuading Hamlet to stay in Elsinore as opposed to letting him return to Wittenberg where he is a student. On both counts, King Claudius gets his way and to show his pleasure he orders preparations be made for a bout of drinking and celebration later that night. Alone, still unable to come to terms with his mother’s second marriage, Hamlet broods and curses his fate only to be interrupted by Horatio, his friend, and the officers Marcellus and Bernardo. They exchange pleasantries and then Horatio tells Hamlet of the marvel he had witnessed: namely of the ghost and of the ghost’s likeness to Hamlet’s father. Thrilled, Hamlet resolves to see the ghost for himself. He tells his friends to keep the matter a secret and that he will join them, at the platform, later that night, when the ghost is wont to walk.

Laertes is about to depart for France. Before he departs he talks to Ophelia to be careful of Hamlet’s romantic advances, arguing that Ophelia may be giving Hamlet’s words too much belief on account of Hamlet’s lofty status. They part when Polonius scolds Laertes for delaying his departure. By and by, Laertes departs but the sermon continues as Polonius ferrets out what was said between brother and sister. Polonius then picks up right where Laertes had left off. Indeed, Polonius takes the preaching up a notch, forbidding his daughter henceforth to talk, much less to meet, with Hamlet, likening Hamlet’s advances as a trap to cage unwary prey. At around midnight, Hamlet joins Horatio and Marcellus on the castle platform. Trumpets and gunfire sound from the castle signifying the start of the drinking and banqueting that King Claudius had earlier made the...
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