power generation by using speed breaker

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International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, May, 2014. ©IJAET
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Piyush Bhagdikar, Shubham Gupta, Navneet Rana, R. Jegadeeshwaran School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT University Chennai Campus, Vandalur - Kelambakkam Road, Chennai 600127, India.

In this paper we are trying to utilize one such source. Electricity is generated by replacing the traditional speed breakers with some simple mechanism. As vehicles pass over the speed breakers, they spin the rollers which are connected to a generator which in turn generate electricity. This method is an effective way to produce electricity as the numbers of vehicles on the road are ever increasing. Also the cost of fabrication of the model is low. It can be effectively placed near traffic lights, at the entrance of parking lots and any other place where the traffic density is high. Rollers are fixed on a wooden ramp on which vehicle passes. As vehicle passes over it, it starts moving. A chain drive mechanism is provided which transfer the motion to a DC motor/generator for electricity generation. This method provides an efficient way to generate electricity from the kinetic energy of moving vehicles in roads, highways, parking lots etc.


Non - Conventional energy source, roller mechanism, speed breaker power, chain sprocket,




This paper attempts to show how energy can be tapped and used at a commonly used system, the road speed breakers. The number of vehicles passing over the speed breaker in roads is increasing day by day. A large amount of energy is wasted at the speed breakers through the dissipation of heat and also through friction, every time a vehicle passes over it. There is great possibility of tapping this energy and generating power by making the speed-breaker as a power generation unit. The generated power can be used for the lamps, near the speed breakers.

The present work an attempt has been made to fabricate a ramp, which can utilize the kinetic energy of vehicles in power generation. This type of ramp is best suited for the places where the speed breaker is a necessity. The places like Toll bridges or on vehicle parking stands are best for its utilization. The work also discusses the shortcomings of existing methods and the ways it is countered by this method.

The paper is organized as following. Section II describes the scope of the project. Section III discusses the recent works in the same field. Section IV gives an in-depth explanation of each part and then the assembly as a whole with theoretical analysis using ANSYS. Section V explains the working principle of power generation in this setup. Section VI includes the data collected during the experiment. Section VII describes the conclusion of our approach. Section VIII contains information to improve the method and discusses future work.



The utilization of energy is an indication of the growth of a nation. For example, the per capita energy consumption in USA is 9000 KWh (Kilo Watt hour) per year, whereas the consumption in India is 1200 KWh (Kilo Watt hour). One might conclude that to be materially rich and prosperous, a human being needs to consume more and more energy. A recent survey on the energy consumption in India had published a pathetic report that 85,000 villages in India do not still have electricity. Supply of


Vol. 7, Issue 2, pp. 589-595

International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, May, 2014. ©IJAET
ISSN: 22311963
power in most part of the country is poor according to the study by Priyadharshini.M in “Every Speed Breaker Is Now A Source of Power” [2]. Hence more research and development and commercialization of technologies are needed in this field. India, unlike the top developed countries has very poor roads. Talking about a particular road itself includes a...

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International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, May, 2014.
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