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Most of us are born in a family, a very important part of our everyday life. After our birth we begin to receive a menthal education from those older than us, not only from our parents, but from our grandparents. They educates us in the spirit of correctness, it teaches us the value of love, affection, care, self-confidence and provides us advice and valuable suggestions which are necessary to get success in our life. Actually, as children, we take our parents as a pattern. These things emphasize one of the Trompenaars` principles: the power distance . As Hofstede said, power distance “is the extent to which people expect and are willing to accept that power is distributed unequally”, so power distance relates to the degree of equality or inequality between people in a particular society or group. Talking the power distance in family, more specifically in Romanian family, obedience and respect for those older are considered fundamental virtutes even after children became independent, so this means there`s a high level of power distance. Obviously, my family doesn`t make an exception. Concerning us as a group, last time I told you we are a nuclear family with two children and we have our own rules, habits and group activities. My father is “the boss” and represents our principal financial support, even from distance, because he has worked in The United States for ten years to provide us a good life and a strong future. Therefore, my mother represented the main pawn in our growth and education. Even that, when my dad was at home we always had a traditional division of domestic tasks. My mother was more implicated in household tasks and she always had a bigger power of decision than my father not only in managing this kind of tasks as a mistress, but in our education. Even if my mom used to be more implicated in education, however, we always saw our father as a powerful authority in every decision and we always was obedient...
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