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Han Dynasty

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Both the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire rose, during their era, to become the strongest and most powerful empires, in their epoch. However, the methods of achieving their world power and dominance, varied immensely, as they applied different methods through their political structures, which were anchored around their governments. The imperial Rome Empire and the Han dynasty constructed distinctive techniques of social and political control. For instance, to the Chinese, the Han dynasty applied a centerpiece, which monitored everything referred to as Confucianism. The Roman Empire, on the other hand, was based on a monarchy but offered its residents more rights as compared to the Han. However, the two empires had similar political structures as the power was vested on the wealthy that were given the mandate to control, the peasants concerning issues such as food support. The empires made id probable for their subjects lead sustainable and peaceful as well as predictable lives as compared to the past regimes. The wealthiest were in charge of social distribution and could easily influence community perceptions and interactions among the residents. The Two empires, which existed during the Classical age, had correlated and varied political, social, religious practices, as well as economical values and practices. However, although the two empires were from the same epoch, they shared both differences and similarities, in their economical and social perspectives.
Social features of the Roman Empire
The social system of the Roman Empire was rooted on heredity, affluence, autonomy, citizenship and property as well as about men and women who were distinguished by their social status. The women’s position in society was defined by the status of their fathers and husbands1

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They were required to become housewives and lacked any freedom or independence to do as they wished. This led to the boundaries of gender roles being wider and highly pronounced, as women had no voice in society. The social perspective of the ancient Rome and that of the Han
China were similar in the perspective that they both embraced male dominance in their culture and social existence. Male dominance was a significant aspect for both empires as they were more concerned with male children while disregarding the female counterparts2
. The two empires cared for the birth of male offspring and almost entirely disregarded the women. Men were deemed more significant and relevant than women within the Dynasties. In Han China, it was more of a disgrace to bear or sire female offspring’s, who had no position in society.
Furthermore, in the ancient Roman Empire the women were viewed to belong to the similar social class echelon as children in their community. The father was the heart of a family and had power over his children regardless of their age, which entitled to become the exclusive owner off everything that was acquired by his sons. In this scenario, a son would endeavor to amass wealth, but at the end of it all, it belonged to his father.

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