Power dimension in family

Topics: Dimension, Family, Extended family Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: September 20, 2014
‘Is power in the family best explained by the first, second or third dimensional view of power ?’ When we think about power in social context it  is can be termed as specific ability of  influencing  or controlling others . Generally authority is considered as power due to being accepted as social norms. Three dimension of Power can be understood by Lukes's academic theory which says "three faces of power". He discussed how the governments Exercise its controlling power on people by three ways as by decision-making power, by non decision-making power and by ideological power. Decision-making power is easily seen in the people behavior and in the way governments wants it to be: the policy decision making power is widespread by consulting with the Public representatives and popular voice of public. As government controls the agenda of important issues (such as the way education policy in India) unacceptable for Public discussion and debate which moderate public forums in case of non decision making. The third and the important dimension of of power is ideological power, by which thoughts and wishes of public can be altered of influenced .We can see this in Voting patterns and mobilization for Narendra Modi led NDA by Middle class even NDA was opposing Public distribution system which benefits the lower middle class the Most,which is the example of even getting public want such things who are against their own benefits . Power can be used involve with or without  coercion  in the family. We can see the simple power relation in between the relationship of Parents and child. Parents takes various kinds of decisions for their children for their betterment and for good future .for example parents decide about school, they do it for the good of child which is decided by them only , He can take others advise and may be for example his neighbor may be having more capability to choose better school its comes under the authority of parents only. We...
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