Power and Leadership Management

Topics: Leadership, Management, Authority Pages: 8 (2718 words) Published: May 5, 2013

Nischal Sharma
MBA 4th Sem

What is power:-
Power is an ability to cause or prevent an action that makes things happen towards the discretion to act or not to act. Opposite of disability, it differs from a right in that it has no accompanying duties. It is also an instrument transferring or vesting legal authorization. The ability conferred an a person by law to determine and alter the rights, duties, liabilities, and other legal relations, of himself or others.. There are many definitions of and ways of thinking about the term power. People look at power as control over resources , influence, strength, political control, energy, electricity etc but power is the ability to get someone to do something he or she would not do otherwise do. Managers regularly acquire and use power. They do so deliberately and consciously as well as intuitively and unconsciously. Power –oriented behavior has an impact on managerial career progress, on job performance, on organizational effectiveness, and on the personal lives of employees. There is a curious inconsistency between the relevance of power to management and lack of serious discussion of the subject literature. To remedy this situation, the manager should manage the acquisition and use of power in managerial jobs, since there is a critical need for skillfully executed power oriented behavior and an understanding of positive function . The basic methods for acquiring and maintaining power is by gaining control over tangible resources . acquiring power means acquiring potential influence, which is the potential for getting others to do what you want or for preventing them from forcing you to do something. The manager’s power comes from the combination of interpersonal and analytical skills, knowledge, and energy level and the degree to which the manager controls important resources, such as tangible resources , information channels and has favorable relationships based on a sense of obligation, a strong professional reputation, identification of others with the manager, and his or perceived dependence. The basic methods for using power to influence others are by direct influence and indirect influence which conceived the sensitive to what others consider to be legitimate behavior in using power, by having a good intuitive understanding of the various way to use power. Some people have more power than others is one of the most probable facts of human existence. Because of this, the concept of power is as ancient and

ubiquitous as any social theory can boast. If these assertions needed any documentation one could set up an endless parade of great names of Plato and Aristotle. Weber to demonstrate that a large number of seminal social theorists have devoted a good deal of attention to power and phenomena associated with it. The concept of power in a way that seems to catch the central intuitively understood meaning of the word must inveitatevely result in a formal definition that is not easy to apply in concrete research problems and therefore operational equivalents of formal definition designed to meet the needs of a particular research problem are likely to diverge from one another in important ways. Thus we are not likely to produce certainly not for some considerable time to come anything like a single ,consistent, coherent “ theory of power”. What is Leadership :-

Leadership has been described as a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. Leadership is organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal. The leader may or may not have any formal authority. Studies of leadership have produced theories involving traits situational interaction, function, behavior, power vision, and values, charisma. And intelligence, among others. Somebody whom people...
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