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Topics: Chelsea F.C., Arjen Robben, The Players Pages: 7 (3058 words) Published: April 10, 2012
Anatomy of a Winner
By Patrick Barclay
Important quotes and citations
1)“´... we have to prepare coaches not just to teach youngsters about what happens on the pitch but about psychology, physiology, drugs, doping and social education. The coach of the future will have to be at different times a teacher, a buddy, a father, a friend, etc....He will need above all the ability to listen and pass on a message. He must be credible and able to defend his values`.” (Page 6-7) 2)“The modern coach must strike a balance between strength and sensitivity.” (Page 7) 3)“...there are not many coaches who have won the UEFA Cup and Champions League in their first two full seasons with a club, sweeping up a couple of national championships and a domestic cup along the way, but that is what Mourinho had done with Porto in his native land.” (Page 8) 4)“´It will be a big test` replied Mourinho, ´for them. ` Can you imagine how Terry and his team-mates felt when they read their papers the next mourning?” (Page 34) 5)“´You get a bit of power. You know what you stand for. You know what people think about of you. And this power, this control you have over people, becomes ingrained into you. You develop a stronger personality. ...All successful managers, if you look at them, have that strength of personality. You use your position to be powerful. More powerful than you basically are. `” (Page 48-49) 6)“The trouble with being a top-level coach, however, is that it involves such a lot of acting. And how can a man sure what his position is when briefly –in the interest of the team, of course- he has forgotten who he is. Coaches are often ham actors, playing to the gallery or the media, sometimes with a different act for each.” (Page 53) 7)“(he could speak English, French, Spanish and Italian, and several years later, when he went to Barcelona with Bobby Robson, Catalan players and staff were to appreciate his taking the trouble to acquire a grasp of the regional tongue)” (Page 67) 8)“´It was how organised he was, and the way he put things across`” (Page 72) 9)“´He listened, learned, looked, remembered. He was bright, alert and intelligent. `” (Page 78) 10)“´To start with he was just a translator, but gradually he became as valued as my other assistants. He could read the game and he analysed the opposition so well that, after my first year, when we won the Spanish championship and Cup, I was happy for him to stay for three years.`” (Page 91) 11)“´A coach has to observe and correct, but there is only so much correcting you can do before, psychologically, they switch off. So sometimes I like to stand back. But in order to do that you have to be confident in the quality of your assistants. `” (Page 91) 12)“´He was a little bit arrogant, not always a respecter of reputations, but I like that. I like people with a high opinion of themselves and like to surround myself with them. I don’t want yes-men, because you need people who will say, “No – there is another way.” He could do that. And he did. I encouraged it. I told him to include in his analyses how he would play against this opposition. I have always stimulated that sort of contribution but, because of Jose’s special qualities as an analyst, I paid a little more attention to him than my other assistants in this respect. ...I certainly wanted to hear Jose’s point of view. `” (Page 93) 13)“´The board strategy was to make the team more Portuguese in character and hungrier (through incentive-based contracts) and early in the new season he made a tactical switch to 4-4-2 formation with which European glory was to be seized. He had fashioned a disciplined, resilient unit.” (Page 100) 14)“...Jose Mourinho is the product of an advantageous upbringing and ideal education, supplemented by the ´the finest example of work experience in the history of employment.`” (Page 111) 15)“Mourinho was once asked why so many players who had failed to reach a high level, either through injury or...
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