Potato Processing Company in Bangladesh

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Executive Summary

This is the term project for the course Marketing 417 on the topic of producing a business proposition for an export product. The product selected is Frozen Processed Potato, specifically frozen French fry.

The report begins with a brief country profile of Bangladesh. Then the trade statistics regarding the frozen food export sector of Bangladesh is discussed briefly. The company profile is presented in the third part. The name of our imaginary company is Qualité Nourriture, (QN). The company starts operations by buying potatoes from local farmers of the country. Then running through a complex series of processes in the plant, the potatoes are frozen and packed.

The whole process is greatly mechanized and requires low labor cost. The plant is highly hygienic and quality control is a major concern for the company to maintain its export standard. The whole linkage and chain of the procedure is discussed in great detail, as export channels, modes of transport of the product are discussed. Various government initiatives and aids provided are given to the company are mentioned also.

The next part deal with analyzing the company’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats in detail from every possible view, followed by a segment on promotion.The report ends with recommendation and concludes with positives regarding the outcome of such a company. There were numerous limitations in preparing the report. Data found were mostly general not too specific. Within the limits of our abilities we have managed to acquire and prepare this paper on this new product.


A Bangladeshi company is interested in participating in international trade by exporting a particular product to its chosen target market. For exporting the company is particularly interested in selling frozen potato products (namely frozen French fries) in Japan. The following pages include the details of this business proposition. It begins with an industrial analysis followed by a brief description of the company itself and its product line along with some details of its business process followed by relevant packing techniques and how the products are to be transported the foreign market. This is followed by the relevant government initiatives and SWOT analysis. Finally this paper ends with a brief conclusion and some recommendations. Industry Analysis

Industry Size in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is country of 144.345 million people , that currently reanks in number 72 in export in the whole world . The country has a GDP of US$ 61,961. the major export products of the country are categorized into: Agricultural products7.2%

Fuels & mining products0.7%

The frozen food sector falls under the Agricultural products category. Here most of the investment has been made privately and frozen fish, notably shrimp has received considerable investment. The country has a promising agricultural food growth which is also subject to export to many regions of the world. Mass scale export of processed agricultural products has not yet been seen. We concentrate on the potato processing. This is a virtually new concept in Bangladesh where no other company has so far invested in this sector. This is in high demand in the developed region of the world, where quick food is in high demand. Hence this is an industry that is yet to develop in our country.

Trade Statistics
Since processed frozen potato is a new product in Bangladesh, there is no direct trade statistic available. However some related statistics are discussed which are useful for the kind of product we have selected. Bangladesh currently ranks 72nd in terms of exporting countries.the country’s exports have increased dramatically in the last decade with massive improvement in the manufacturing sector. The country’s export boom continues as it has experienced a growth of about 13% in the last trade year . Among the export commodities of the country,...

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