Post Tonsillectomy Bleeding

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Post Tonsillectomy Complications

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1. Introduction 5 2. Search Strategy 7 3. Theme 7 4. Factors Influencing Programme Planning 10 5. Need Analysis 11 6. Curriculum 12 7. Theories Applied To The Curriculum 13 8. Andragogy 14 9. Learning Theory 16 10. Aim 17 11. Expected Learning Outcome 17 12. Delivery 18 13. Resources Needed 19 14. Evaluation 19 15. Implication 19 16. Education 20 17. Resource 20 18. Conclusion 20 19. Reference 22 20. Appendix 24


Nursing is an art and science, also it is a profession where the nurse provides optimum care for all individuals and the society as a whole without discrimination, in order to attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. And as Nurses tend to spend more time with patients than doctors do, so having good communication skills is essential. Good nursing skills can be obtained by comprehensive training programs and up to date information in the field, as part of the nurse role being an educator, facilitator and changing agent in the health care environment. In the past nurses development role has included education, management, consultation and research activities, but it revised slightly by The American Nurse Association (ANA) to become “nursing professional development to encompass all types of educational programs that a nurse may attend to maintain competence, enhance professional practice, and support the achievement of career goals” In order to obtain advanced educational level it is needed to learn about learning theories. Learning theories are conceptual frameworks assist in making changes in people’s knowledge, skills, and values

Health education is tool used by health care...

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