Possibilities and Constraints of Shooting in the Studio and on Location.

Topics: Film, Post-production, Broadcasting Pages: 3 (1087 words) Published: November 10, 2008
In creating any film production a critical choice must be made whether to film on location or in a studio. This can usually depend on what type of production you are producing, for example documentaries are most commonly filmed on location as they are telling the audience fact and not creating fiction. This is the same for sci-fi films as they are created to be on other planets or in places that are not existent the creators have no choice but to create a set on their vision. Filming in a studio and on locations both have their possibilities and constraints and depending on what type of production and what sort of budget you are working with can have an effect on where you shoot.

Filming in a studio is usually made so that it is in easy reach for all crew to travel to. Studios are usually hired out for the duration of filming or in television cases on a regular basis once a week. Television studios provide space for audiences to come and watch he shows. Having a live audience gives feeling to a show and you can receive feedback after shooting has taken place. Studios give the crew complete control over what is happening on from weather conditions to lighting and sound. Although filming in a studio it is hard to create the natural light you would get from filming on location. You can almost achieve sound and acoustic perfection working in a studio as you can block any background on unexpected noise you may have when working on a location. A studio also gives you the gift of time, as filming can be a long process, you can film, in a studio 24 hours a day and still have the same setting, this saves time and money. As if you were working on location on a daytime shot you could not film this once the sun started to set. Studios are usually in easy reach of towns and cities, this means that if something is needed last minute such as a prop that has been forgotten or added at the last minute, you can easily access items you could not if you were filming on a location...
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