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Topics: Investment, Stock market, Mutual fund Pages: 3 (1177 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Skyler Steinke
Tim Riley
ENGL 1010
24 July 2013
Physical Gold and Silver-a Better Investment than the Stock Market

A few weeks ago, my father came to me talking about his friend who had lost a good portion of his retirement in the stock market. As a result, his friend, Patrick, had to return to work part-time at the local hardware store in order to compensate for the loss. Patrick was seeking my father’s advice as to what he should do with his remaining stock market investments. My father and I discussed what possibilities exist for people looking for long term investments. My opinion is that investing in tangible assets such as physical gold and silver is better than investing in the stock market at this time in our unstable national economy, despite Omaha’s thriving economy. Our economy here in Omaha has been largely unaffected in contrast to other communities across the United States. Recent Nebraska statistics reflect a low unemployment rate, recovering housing market and growing farming industry. (TBD) Omaha has a highly skilled workforce that is growing with a high per capita income relative to the nation as a whole. Many Nebraska business leaders and companies convey a strong positive outlook for our city and state. Dan Neary, chairman and CEO, Mutual of Omaha, states, “While uncertainty over the economy between both consumers and business will constrain growth on the national level, Omaha continues to defy the national trend with positive growth and good levels of capital investment. Omaha’s well-diversified economy, along with its reliable, educated workforce and responsible corporate leadership helped mitigate the impact of national economic trends and create an environment for continued stable economic growth.” (OCC) A stable job market allows people to save money and invest in the stock market and their future. These positive statistics and the strength of the Omaha job market give our members of the Omaha community confidence in the...

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