Porter's 5 Forces Analysis of Starbucks

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Management and Planning – CE00317-2 Group Assignment

Learning Outcome:
The written report of this assessment is designed to assess students’ ability to: 1. define, describe and discriminate between strategy and planning and show an understanding of the vocabulary of the subject applied to the management of a business organisation

2. describe and discuss a typical planning process including the role of qualitative and quantitative forecasting, modelling and dealing with uncertainty, through the use of recognised planning techniques

3. demonstrate and discuss the effective use of some techniques of strategic auditing and environmental analysis as applied to a typical organisation.00

4. discuss and criticise some important issues relating to organisational design and orgnisational culture.

Group Assessment: One Written Essay (50%)

The work will normally be done in pairs.

The work will include the analysis of an existing situation, the application of analysis techniques (introduced in lectures and developed in tutorials) and the presentation of conclusions using similarly-acquired techniques. It is intended to promote and assess practical research skills.

Read the case study (Page 6 onwards) and answer the following questions: 1. Using an appropriate model, analyse the ways in which Universal has provided a superior level of service to its customers. (30 marks)

2. Using the information provided in the case scenario, strategically evaluate the performance of the company up to 2004, indicating any areas of particular concern. (30 marks)

3. Matthew Black is well aware that the achievement of the growth targets for the 2005 to 2007 period will depend on successful implementation of the strategy, affecting all parts of the company’s activities. Explain in detail the key issues affecting implementation and the changes necessary to achieve Universal’s ambitious growth strategy. (20 marks)

4. What criteria would you use to assess whether Universal is an ‘excellent’ company? (20 marks)

Assessment Requirements:

A written report of approximately 2,500 words that synthesises and critically evaluates management and planning issues from the case study.

State the number of words used at the end of the assignment. You may include diagrams, figures, appendices etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed.

The penalties will be as follows:
Up to 10% excess words:no penalty
11-20% excess words:- 5% penalty
21-30% excess words:-10% penalty
31% plus excess words: cannot achieve more than a pass grade (50%).


A written report must be compiled in a suitable format that must incorporate the following:

• A clear and concise outline of the practical management and planning issues; • Generation of conclusions that draw upon both theoretical and practical aspects; • Use of appropriate terminology that will indicate a thorough understanding of management concepts; • Suitable referencing of the materials used to support arguments put forward that will indicate competence in the academic issues discussed; • Evidence to suggest a more in-depth understanding of the planning concepts being reviewed and their practical applications; • Written content and structure that will demonstrate practical benefits being derived from the module, reading lists and research required for the assignment; • A wide range of sources used and cited (a minimum of 5 and not before 1999). • Full referencing of material and sources cited that incorporate the Harvard Referencing System.

Mark Distribution for assignment
The mark allocation for the assignment will be as follows:
▪ 30 % of the mark will be allocated for familiarity with subject/material and evidence of original thinking. ▪ 30% of the marks will be allocated for Quality of...
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