Topics: Cebu, Malapascua Island, Visayas Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: June 16, 2013
1. Introduction |
Every town/municipality’s name in the province of Cebu is connoted with its roots or history. The name Daanbantayan was derived from two words: the word "Daan" (which means "old" in the Cebuano language, and the word "Bantayan" which refers to a place that served as a "look-out-station" for Moro raiders before the Spaniards obtained control of the Philippines. Since then, Daanbantayan has been growing into a progressive municipality until it becomes a first class one. It is now known for its pristine powder-like white sandy beaches – one of which is Malapascua Island. With its vast and rich marine resources, there are also dive sites that offer unique marine life and beauty. To make this municipality more productive, links should be provided that will serve as catalysts of progress. That’s why the 4th district officials in which the said municipality belongs are proposing a RoRo port located on it’s northern tip barangay, Maya, which directly faces the sprawling beach of Malapascua Island and the neigbooring provinces like Leyte. Currently, Fourth district Rep. Benhur Salimbangon continues to fund the completion of the roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) port in Maya, Daanbantayan which was initiated by the provincial government. Garcia proposed P50 million for this project which is already affirmed by the provincial Board. This project should not only limit as being a port. There should also be a bus terminal since the site is located on the end point. Ceres Liner, D'Rough Riders and Cebu Autobus are among the bus companies with regular trips to and from Daanbantayan. 2. Problem Statement For several years, the municipality of Daanbantayan doesn’t’ have bigger ports that hold ships going to neighboring provinces. It only has mini ports that can only cater small boats going to its islands like Malapascua and Carnaza. In Brgy. Maya, the mini port leading to Malapascua Island is privately owned. It also currently serves...
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