Popular Culture

Topics: Culture, Popular culture, High culture Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Popular Culture

Under the concept of popular culture that is discussed in the texts of Martin & Nakayama, the populist is seen in forms of borrowing or mixing of other cultures. Popular is created and maintained not only through mass consumption, but by the active process of generating and circulating meanings and pleasures within a social group (2011, pg.202). It’s everywhere and it fills my life. Even though I was raised a certain way according to my parents culture and beliefs, but I was born in American Pop Culture. The popular culture in America is all about products and commodities, industry and imports, media and merchandising. According to Martin and Nakayama, “Television serves as a cultural forum for discussing and working out our ideas on a variety of topics, including those that emerge from television programs” (2011, pg.204). Growing up my mom tried to cut out as much of what she considers pop culture as she could. I wasn’t allowed to watch anything secular on TV, the same with music. Now that I am older I watch a lot of movies and shows that my mom refuses to watch. But never being exposed as a child to all the popular media trends actually did influence how I raise my son. I try to cut out as much violence and language as I can. My son is two and he is repeating and imitating everything. My husband was raised very different from me, he was the other extreme, and he loves watching gore, scary, sick, you name it. He only gets to own a few movies that he likes, so then we have the agreement that he only watches them when he is alone or everyone is asleep. How we view one another in relation to the cultures we belong, it is ultimately our choice to consume or resist (2011, pg.219). In Popular Culture cultural aggression seems to be something that we have plenty of and we are blessed with the difficult task of controlling or preventing its causes and effects of such holding powers. According to Martin and Nakayama, I need to be a smart...
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