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The Phone Call
"The greatest disease in the West today is not Tuberculosis or leprosy; it is being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for. We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love." This quote, spoken by Mother Teresa, describes why I aspire to be a nurse. The technology and medicine we have in the world today is extremely advanced. However, this advanced technology and medicine would be worthless without the compassion and quality care given by trained nurses.

I remember when my mom got the phone call that my grandfather had stopped breathing and that he only had a few hours to live. My grandparents live in Florida, however; they were driving to New York for a wedding. After they drove through the Lincoln Tunnel, my grandparents' next direction was to make their first right. Instead, my grandfather proceeded to make the first left. My grandmother said, " No, you turned the wrong way!" My grandfather replied, " But the hospital is this way."

My mom told me that his heart had stopped. My grandfather has a long history of heart problems and has had many surgeries. He resuscitated by the EMT's and was put into the Intensive Care Unit. My father drove my mother and aunt to New York so they could have the opportunity to see my grandfather still alive since he was not expected to live more than a few hours. With modern medicine and lots of prayer, he was able to make a full recovery. This incident made me want to learn more about how the body and the heart works. Ever since then, I've wanted to be a cardiovascular nurse.

To me, being a nurse is far more than a job or career. It is a continuous learning process that I look forward to every day. I love the thought that I can wake up every day and help people. In order to be a great nurse, you must have many qualities that enable you to be a leader, an advocate, and a friend. It is a necessity to give quality care. Nurses have to have...
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