Polo Market Survey

Topics: Confectionery, Purchasing, Procurement Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Preferences comparison – Reason for purchase and frequency

Preferences for candies and confectionaries
Given the sample market response, there is not a very distant competition amongst the 3 categories of candies/confectionaries. However, Mint Candies emerges the winner and leads the sample market for candies/confectionaries with 46% people voting it as No 1. Right behind it is Chocolates with 38% people ranking it No 1 and followed by Chewing Gums with 31% people voting it as No 1. Reason for purchasing Polo

As per the sample data, most prominent reason for purchasing Polo is as follows – “It acts as a mouth freshener” with 42% people endorsing this reason for purchasing Polo. 23% of the people purchase Polo considering it as a “Just for fun” consumable item and 15% of the people consume Polo “To avoid bad breath”. Since the total percentage of people purchasing Polo either as a Mouth Freshener or for avoiding bad breath or after a smoke is 69% and a total of merely 31% people buying Polo for the reasons such as just for the fun of it and due to a shortage of change, it is evident that most of the purchases of Polo is not out of impulse but rather out of a known reason. Frequency for purchasing Polo

Out of the sample data, 54% of the people say that they purchase Polo “Once in a while”. And since 73% of the people in the age group of 20-30 years purchase Polo for themselves with the prominent reasons being “It acts as a mouth freshener”, “Avoiding bad breath” and “After a smoke”, clearly Polo has a huge incentive to sell more and expand its market reach. Nestle can work to increase its reach in the age group of 0-15 years i.e. for children. Since 50% of the people ask specifically for Polo and the other 50% purchase whatever substitute is available, the market for impulse goods in the mint candies category is highly competitive as there are a lot of substitutes available in the market, which people consume after a smoke or as a mouth freshener or for...
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