Politics vs Frankenstein

Topics: President of the United States, George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein Pages: 5 (1752 words) Published: March 28, 2009
Politics vs Frankenstein

Politics and the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley have many points in common. In today’s world we see Presidents and Prime Ministers such as George Bush and Tony Blair who resemble Frankenstein and the “creature” themselves. Power is something that many people strive for or simply desire. The novel portrays that having power is of great importance. Without strength, Frankenstein couldn’t have played God and the creature wouldn’t have killed innocent humans just like George Bush wouldn’t have created wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Supporters like Tony Blair don’t help the situation at all either. Politicians and government are meant to keep things under control, but sometimes end up by doing more harm than good. Currently, the opinion of some members of society is that most politicians are power-hungry monsters.

Power is needed to control and organise society. Without a superior control, there would be no economy, no laws and poor safety. In Frankenstein, Victor used his power to help mankind by furthering scientific knowledge. He discovered a much wanted secret - the secret to life. Frankenstein’s issue of parenting became a great obsession with power.[i] The need of power led Victor to create what he thought was going to be one of the greatest human beings.[ii] But Victor clearly failed to see that creating life with human body parts didn’t necessarily mean that his creature was going to be accepted into human society.[iii] He was “roused from his dream of pleasure.”[iv] He was inspired and motivated by scientists who “acquired new and almost unlimited powers”[v]. Victor used this unlimited power to play the role of God.

In today’s society, the American government’s president, George W. Bush, was elected to run the country, to create new laws, to help economy and keep his land protected. George Bush adopted his power when he was sworn into office. Some people throughout the world consider the President of the United States one of the most powerful men in the world. It’s a clear factor that George Bush abused his power by disregarding the United Nations, and proceeding right into Iraq and Afghanistan. Nowadays, Saddam Hussein, the man who used to be the leader of Iraq and the power of his country, is now under the power of the United States. Now President Bush is already too powerful and blinded by this superior power. He gains even more power through his supporters, such as Tony Blair. This can be very well compared to the novel, since Frankenstein was also looking for more power. He wanted to be God by giving life, by having all of the control he could get. George Bush is playing the role of God. He’s abusing this power and is concentrating more on his other projects than his own country’s projects.[vi] Victor could have concentrated on his own life and tried to be the best at who he was, and succeeded, but he chose instead to harvest cadavers and create a monster[vii], and failing to make his dream creature. Just like President Bush could have ignored Iraq and could have been the best leader he could be, remembered for his devotion to his country. Instead, he chose to attack his enemies in Iraq, remembered for his cruelty towards others.

Doctor Frankenstein’s sole purpose of his project was to attempt to gain power, but instead of being provided with the power he desired, he was provided with a monstrous failure.[viii] He possessed the knowledge to create the monster by learning of past successes “so full of genius”.[ix] Victor neglected it, and it became a morally irresponsible scientific development that wanted to destroy human civilization. Victor was “at once so powerful, so virtuous and magnificent, yet so vicious and base.”[x] Even he feared “the monster whom [he] had created should perpetrate some new wickedness.”[xi] George Bush’s unsuccessful attempts to save human civilisation ended up by creating a bigger mess, a war where innocent...
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