Political Theory: Morality

Topics: Morality, Religion, Political philosophy Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Morality is the principles concerning the difference between right and wrong. Ones behavior is affected by these principles. Morality is the belief that certain behaviors are good or bad. Morality gives human beings “laws” to live their lives by. Now morality can be seen in different ways. The laws that morality apparently gives us to live our live by, are given by “God”. Now not everyone feels that way, the religious people believe that God gave them a set of morals to follow, and they believe that people who don't believe in their God have no morals. Now speaking from the atheists side, they will say that even if they are not religious that they still have morals. I believe that knowing the difference between right and wrong is taught to everyone starting from birth. You also learn the difference from right and wrong when you make a mistake. A moral behavior gets a lot of approval, while any immoral acts are condemned.

When it comes to deciding if I believe morality should be considered in politics I believe that morality should not be considered with political thought. The reason why I think that morality has a place in political thoughts, is simply because your thoughts on something whether it be considered political or not, might be completely different than another person's morals. I feel like the concept of morality should not be involved in political thought, because I feel like no decisions would ever be made, because everyone has a different way at looking at situations. For example a man may think that it is absolutely wrong and against God to have an abortion; a woman may think that she can do whatever she wants to her body because it's her body. The man might try to get abortions banned from his state and the woman may try to fight against him. Now who's right in this situation? Neither of them are correct, because their morals are different. I believe that it is okay to have morals and to follow a set of rules that you believe in, that will...
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