Political speech analysis

Topics: Political spectrum, Left-wing politics, Social democracy Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: November 16, 2013

Political Speech Analysis
It appears that this speech falls left of center on the political spectrum. It describes what the perfect democracy is to accommodate those that make up the majority. The first line refers to a government where "the majority runs things, where the majority means something, and the interests of the majority are protected; a democracy is that in which a man is assured of all his rights" this line gives the speech an aspect of center in the sense that it is referring to everyone having fundamental rights and freedoms. However, the writer addresses every demographic of society. He's careful to spell out ideals and rights for all walks of life, which really epitomizes his left of center position. Some examples include " you, workman, are assured of your right to work, and know that nobody can kick you out into the gutter to starve to death!" and "you, old man, will not live in want when you no longer can earn enough for your own support." This gives the sense of equal social distribution ( the idea that wealth should be distributed so that everyone has enough for adequate living.) which is a common characteristic of left of center.

Left wing is generally known for their less prejudice attitudes, which is touched upon in this speech when the writer says " A true democracy is one in which all have the right to work and do not have to be afraid of seeing anybody take it away from them because of stupid prejudices!" and also when it is written that " A bona fide democracy is one in which you, woman, are recognized as an equal of all other citizens. The writer is demonstrating that no gender or race will be discriminated, rather all citizens will be held in equal standings.

The writer describes that a governments goal as a democracy should be to rid society of its system of classes and morally unify the people. It is written: " A real democracy is this, your democracy which does not divide the people and does not play brothers...
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