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Poli 206: Introduction to Political Theory
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Question# 3

In the Greek mythology, Crito, a friend and student of a great classical Greek philosopher of Socrates, attempts to convince Socrates to flee Athens from his death sentence. Crito expresses dissatisfaction with Socrates justification on why he shouldn’t flee the city-state. On the other hand, Socrates provides significant dialogues in which overturns Crito original plea. I shall argue that Socrates has provided good reasons during their discussion as to why he should accept his punishment. But Crito brought out some interesting counterarguments that make us analyzes the options that Socrates had to escape from his death punishment, and avoiding the repercussion that could be on his friends’. One of Crito points is that not fleeing Athens will have an effect upon his friends. Another point Crito mentioned is that he will betray his son by staying and it is immoral to give up your life if you can save it. But Socrates explains self-sacrifice when avoidable is wrong.

In this first argument, not fleeing Athens will have an effect upon his friends where it will harm their reputation. The people of the city will judge them negatively. Socrates argue “If, as we were planning to run away from here (…) the laws and the state came and confronted us and asked: “Tell me Socrates, what are you intending to do? Do you not by this action you are attempting intend to destroy us, the laws, and indeed the whole city”(50b). In this dialogue, the city doesn’t want to loose any privilege and reputation as Socrates is accepting the law as legitimate because he is a citizen of Athens. The fear that Socrates will leave or try to persuade the other to change institution. Crito regenerates with moral appeals where the reputation will harm his friend by creating enemies “I feel ashamed on your behalf and on behalf of us, your friends, lest all that happened to you be thought due...
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