Police Department: Proposal for Analytical Unit

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The City of Columbus Mississippi recognizes the need for a new analytical unit. This is a proposal that aims to develop this new analytical unit in an effort to support all levels of the Police Department, to include command personnel, supervisors, detectives, and patrol officers. law enforcement agencies in. This analytical unit will obtain and analyze as much information as possible in order to identify crime patterns, trends, offenders, and develop correlations, to improve short-term and long-term decision-making. Once this new analytical unit is in place and all key positions are filled, the pertinent information gathered and analyzed will aid in the prevention of crime and the catching of criminals. Keywords: crime, analytical unit, crime patterns, trends

Proposal for Analytical Unit
You work for a Police Department in Columbus Mississippi and notice there is an increase in crime including: rape, robbery, and burglary; disorder problems including: noise complaints, burglar alarms, and suspicious activity. Information related to the nature of incidents, offenders, and victims or targets of crime seems to go nowhere but in a filing cabinet. As you respond to your next crime, you realize the need for a new analytical unit. This proposal for a new analytical unit will outline the mission, goals and objectives, the role of analysis within the department, staffing, procedures, training, and expected products. Let me begin by explaining what crime analysis is. Crime Analysis is a set of systematic, analytical processes directed at providing timely and pertinent information relative to crime patterns and trend correlations to assist operational and administrative personnel in planning the deployment of resources for the prevention and suppression of criminal activities, aiding in the investigation process, and increasing apprehensions and the clearance of cases. It supports a number of department functions including patrol deployment, special operations and tactical units, investigations, planning and research, crime prevention and administrative services. (Norfolk Police Department) Crime analysis uses qualitative and quantitative data and methods to discover underlying meanings and patterns of relationships. Now that I have laid out the need for this analytical unit, let me move on to the mission, goals and objectives of this unit, beginning with the mission. Mission, Goals and Objectives

The mission of this analytical unit is to support the operational and the administration of the Police Department by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on crime pattern detection, crime-suspect correlation, target profile analysis, and forecasting crime potential, trends, and patterns. The goal of the analytical unit will be to provide accurate, usable information disseminated in a timely manner to Command Staff, Patrol, Investigations and other sections and units as needed to reduce criminal activities, aid in the investigative process and increase in the apprehension of offenders. The objective of the analytical unit is to increase effectiveness of patrol deployment, crime prevention, and apprehension of offenders through information and investigative leads. (City of La Mesa) Now that I have laid out the mission, goals, and objectives of the analytical unit, let me move onto thr role of analysis within the department. Role of Analysis within the Department

Depending on the strategy of the police department will guide the analytical unit with what their role in the police department is. There are a few things that need to be looked at for the unit to understand their role. There is the standard model of policing, community policing, broken windows policing, hot spot policing, compstat and problem-oriented policing. Let’s first take a look at the standard model of policing. Some of the strategies included in this model include...

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