Points of View in Realism...Hedda Gabler

Topics: Henrik Ibsen, Hedda Gabler, Reality Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: September 26, 2005
Points of View in Realism
"‘Good morning, dear Miss Tesman. What an early hour to call. So kind of you." Says Hedda./ ‘No, really not, thank you. I just wanted to make sure you have everything you need. I must see about getting back home. My poor dear sister will be waiting for me,' says Miss Tesman to Hedda./ Be sure to give her my love, won't you? Tell her I'll run over to see her later today, says Tesman to Miss Tesman'"

Henrik Ibsen focused on Realism for the tale of Hedda Gabler, yet one can not help but to review the realities of each individual character. The Realism movement came after the Romanticism era, which they are seemingly are flowing in a sequence. In the movement of realism; we are to believe that all of the personalities of the characters, all of the settings they are in, and all of their interactions are totally independent from the authors own feelings. "The personality of the author was to be suppressed or was at least to recede into the background, since reality was to be seen ‘as it is'." (837) One can not help but wonder, is the reality of the realism movement is real as in contrast to another era such as Romanticism which included many self indulgences, and an escape from the normalities of life, or is this movement a true display of how the characters would behave if in fact they were living in today's world. Ibsen paid a great deal of attention to the detail of what the character was doing for example if one was to stomp away in anger, sigh, laugh, cough, smile and other facial or body movements, which were of great help to audience to fully understand the mood of an given character. Ibsen's description of reality is greatly conveyed throughout the play by use of the narrator whom is not biased in any way, and not letting any of the characters tell the tale by his or her own perspective which could allow them to tell the story in their favor. Focusing on the individual character's traits and feelings may be able to stop...
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