Poem Analysis: A Part of the Air I Breathe

Topics: World, Meaning of life, Metaphor Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: October 9, 2012
“A part of the air I breathe” By Peter Skrzynecki (Poem)


- a dedication for Judith (presumably a close relative/friend) tells of the birth of a child and the first stages of life that result in individual growth, learning of new experiences, relationships and the wider world - division of poem into four stages (eg.) represent the steps of transition into the world


- dedication (2nd person) personal intimacy
- “somewhere in your fluid darkness you have become apart of the air I breathe – of the sunlight you will never grasp” - darkness to light (transition) apart of his world, connection to title, sharing of air (needed to survive /live) - “already there is a weight upon your unformed shoulders – the pull and grind of ancient tides” –TRADITIONS / responsibilities/expectations - SIMILE: “the world is waiting like a fairytale witch – her hand dipped in a bag full of bones & gold pieces” – create MYSTERIOUS ATMOSPHERE erray & unknown future. Bones symbolic of death trouble hardships juxtaposed with gold symbolic of treasure fortune & happiness - “not knowing weather pain or hunger has opened your eyes to the cold” – represents reasons for change as current situation (hardships/dependence on others) allowed to see new world MOTIVATION - RHETORICAL QUESTION:” how far will you go before learning of dreams more biter than the waking?” depicts the uncertainty of the future/ unknown outcomes, growth and change, hardships of the transition, leaving behind ppl new world may be “bitter” - “She is reaching for a branch – for the sky and ground: falling and standing, laughing as she rolls”- “reaching” highlights DEDICATION/ COMMITMENT to try to learn to grow. symbolic of new opportunities (sky open – freedom, similar to BE) transition doesn’t have to be difficult happiness along the way - “She turns at the sound...
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