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Here is an anti bullying poem written by Jon Evans:
Identity–The Bully
They all try to look the same
all try to give themselves a name
pick on the boy who is all alone
just because his identity is his own
what has this world come to?
all this wrong that people do
just for the image they want to show
down the evil path they seem to go The next person you go to hurt
or try to make feel like dirt
instead of trying to look cool
feel for the guy you make look a fool A cool identity isn’t a need
let those you bully be freed
Your identity should be your own
A better person you will be known. This poem addresses the bully personally and attempts to get him (or her) to try feeling empathetic for once towards the object of their derision. The writer also wants the bully to know that bullying doesn’t give you a “cool identity”. In fact, you really have no identity when you engage in bullying.


Inspirational and uplifting, Mark Bird’s poem “A Different Path” should be included in any collection of poems about bullying. By pointing out that being a victim does not mean you have allow yourself to be a victim, Bird’s shows that bullies might think they are in control but it is really the person getting bullied who maintains control over their lives. A Different Path

They pick on you
Play tricks on you
They talk behind your back
A hundred whispers to your one
To tempt you from your track They mock your path
They block your path
They do it every day
For sheep aren’t meant to wander off
And go the other way They sneer at you
Put fear in you
So scared that you’ll go far
And then they point and laugh at you
To cram your head with scars They think the same
They shrink the same
When you are not afraid
And friends begin to follow you
The scars and bullies fade You go so far
You grow so far
Proud what you became
You made it down the different path
And beat the plague of same


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